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Video Results for Wood Preen

Wood Duck Pair Preening
by Cansquid - 10/7/2013
I got out this morning to Mud Lake, Britannia Conservation Area and the skies were overcaste. There were a number of Wood Ducks there, one of my favourite sp ...
Wood Ducks Preening (Natures closest Mondrien Painting)
by cyclicvideo - 10/20/2010
such a strange duck photography by russdionne.com.
Wood Duck preening
by Tachycinetabicolor - 11/14/2011
Male wood duck preening in a sycamore tree.
Woodpigeons preen after mating 6mar14 cambridge England UK  338p
by chainsore - 3/6/2014
i didnt see them mate but this is what they do after mating so im sure they have just mated, Always change quality to 1080p or original quality as youtube de...
Wood pigeons preening
by stuarteggerton - 6/2/2012
Two wood pigeons in my garden, sitting on the fence having a good old preen.
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