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Video Results for Wood Preen

Wood Duck Pair Preening
by Cansquid - 10/7/2013
I got out this morning to Mud Lake, Britannia Conservation Area and the skies were overcaste. There were a number of Wood Ducks there, one of my favourite sp ...
Wood pigeons preening
by stuarteggerton - 6/2/2012
Two wood pigeons in my garden, sitting on the fence having a good old preen.
Burnaby Lake Wood Ducks preening.
by wetvideocamera - 2/5/2011
Wood Ducks at Burnaby Lake, BC preening their plumage. ( Aix sponsa ) January 2008.
Wood Duck preening
by Tachycinetabicolor - 11/14/2011
Male wood duck preening in a sycamore tree.
Wood Ducks Preening (Natures closest Mondrien Painting)
by cyclicvideo - 10/20/2010
such a strange duck photography by russdionne.com.
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