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Video Results for Shelters in Harrisburg pa

Harrisburg Interfaith Shelter and Red Day 2012
by coachfino - 5/21/2012
Coach Fino and the Keller Williams of Central PA East team contributed hours of manual labor to the Harrisburg Interfaith Shelter in Harrisburg PA. This is a...
Bethesda Mission Men's Shelter Video
by GKVisual - 6/11/2009
This video was produced for Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, PA. It highlights the Men's Shelter's renovation project and was used during their ribbon cutting...
Shelter Open, Many Roads In Harrisburg Still Underwater
by wgaltv - 9/10/2011
Shelter Open, Many Roads In Harrisburg Still Underwater.
Kegerreis Outdoor's Bus Shelter Mission Video 1
by KegerreisOutdoor - 3/3/2014
The "Bus Shelter Mission" tracks Kegerreis Outdoor's Bus Shelter Team on their journey to sell all 1100 advertisements on school bus shelters throughout PA, ...
Shelter Island Ice flow
by wturgeon - 2/3/2014
Taking the ferry to Shelter Island on February 1, 2014.
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