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Jul 1, 2009 - We have been receiving several calls per day from contractors needing the website address for the contractor web. I would post it on here, but we get so much traffic from people that are not contractors here, so I can't. You can access the Contractor Web from any computer at any time.
This may be an inconvenience for some, but it is the best way that we can include any miles on the Contractor Web. I just want to make everyone aware that we need to be cautious about the deadhead mileage listed on the Contractor Web, and if you need a more precise mileage, call your coordinator. Ha
Contractor Web. May 1, 2009. |In All Mercertown Blog Posts, Contractor Web. |By Jason Schaftlein. The contractor web may have several periods of down time today. Just keep trying to log in if you have any problems throughout the day.


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May 4, 2009 - Over the past couple of weeks, we have been testing the ?Preselect Option?, on the contractor web. What this means, is that very soon, all Mercer contractors, that are set up on the contractor web, will be able to preselect their own freight. This is a big step for us, so I would like
Mar 22, 2011 - I am very happy to announce a couple of great upgrades that we have made with the contractor web. A big concern for some time now is lack of compatibility that our contractor web has with some smartphones. In the past, the screen would only allow you to view the first 15 loads or so o
Apr 1, 2010 - One of the many topics during the driver forum was adding a radius search to the Contractor Web. I spoke with John Eliassen, who if you don't know, is one of our four General Managers, and he is also over our IT department. Looks like the radius search is going to be added to the Contr
Jun 5, 2012 - Dear Mercer Contractors,. I want to take some time this afternoon to discuss Contractor Web use. I know there are a large number of drivers here at Mercer Transportation that utilize the Contractor web on a daily basis, and others on a semi-weekly basis. Most of you know how to use the
?Exceeding Expectations?, our commitment to you and customer satisfaction that never falters. Our motto through four decades: Move One More Load Safely! You depend on us and we are there. We began with one truck and one office in 1977. We grew one truck, one customer and one load at a time. Mercer T