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Video Results for i r s Phone Number

by avoidingirsaudit - 2/7/2012
Click Here: We can provide you with the IRS audit phone number. With over 30 years of dealing with the IRS, there'...
Beware of Fake IRS Tax Calls / Scam
by gravisha - 1/20/2014
Received a fake IRS call today. I feigned I was scared and played the IRS scammer along. This was the third IRS fake call I had received in the last three mo...
IRS Phone Scam is Largest Ever
by WKEFandWRGT - 3/22/2014
DAYTON -- Right now the IRS and the local Better Business Bureau is monitoring the biggest phone scam in history. Scam artists are pretending to be IRS agent ...
IRS Tax Debt Help Toll Free Phone Number
by GreatTollFreeDeals - 6/9/2013
Call the toll free phone number of 888-702-2832 anytime 24/7 for a free tax debt evaluation and consultation if you owe the IRS more than $10000.00. This se...
IRS Telephone Service Declines - Taxpayer Advocate Service
by TASNTA - 3/23/2010
This message is from Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate and your voice at the IRS. It is one of a series of videos discussing some of the most seriou...
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