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Forging - Article

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. Forging is often classified according to the temperature at ...   more...

Forge - Article

2 Forging equipment. 2.1 Anvil; 2.2 Hammer; 2.3 Chisel; 2.4 Tongs; 2.5 Fuller; 2.6 Hardy; ... The cold chisel is used for cutting cold metals while the hot chisel is ...   more...

Forging temperature - Article

Forging temperature is the temperature at which a metal becomes soft like clay, but is lower than the melting temperature. Bringing a metal to its forging temperature ...   more...

Forged - Article

Forged is a book written by biblical scholar, Bart D. Ehrman. Although it has long been recognised that numerous Epistles of the New Testament bear names of authors ...   more...

Video Results for Hot Forging

Forging, Ring Rolling, Open-Die Forging, Hammer Forging-Kihlsteel.se
by Kihlsteel - 5/26/2009
View this video on the Forging process! Open-die forging can produce forgings from a few pounds up to more than 150 tons. Called open-die because the metal ...
by Jonathanwide - 12/30/2011
Straight Side Hot Forging Press JFP Series 600 | 750 | 1000 | 1350 | 1600 | 2000 | 2500 | 3000 | 4000 Slide adjustment device, stick release device and upp...
Nut Forging.mpg
by JingDuann - 9/7/2011
Sumitomo TFPA 5000 ton steel hot forging press
by FPMGROUP - 4/6/2012
FPM GROUP SPA Steel hot forging presse Sumitomo TFPA 5000 tonnellate per stampaggio dell'acciaio www.fpmgroup.it revisione e vendita presse ...
Press Forging - Aluminum Hot Forging by Queen City Forging
by GDWDFA70 - 10/20/2008
Press Forging. done by Queen City Forging.
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