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Video Results for Apply For Obamacare Health Insurance

How to Get Obamacare ( healthcare.gov enrollment instructions )
by - 10/12/2013
How to Get Obamacare is a Free Guide to Enrolling on Healthcare.gov Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange. Learn How to Save money with Gov Subsidy, ...
Applying for Health Insurance: Then and Now
by vlogbrothers - 10/8/2013
In which John Green attempts to apply for new health insurance coverage using the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges and then through a private ...
The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare
by kaiserfoundation - 7/17/2013
2014 is coming--are you ready for Obamacare? Join the YouToons as they walk through the basic changes in the way Americans will get health coverage and ...
Obamacare and October 1st: Healthcare Triage #1
by thehealthcaretriage - 9/29/2013
Healthcare Triage is a new series from Dr. Aaron Carroll and the team behind Crash Course and Mental Floss Videos. In this episode,...
You're Crazy Not To Apply For ObamaCare..It's Health Coverage at 70% Off
by matthewlesko70 - 10/21/2013
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